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Learn the Best Way to Sleep – Resources on How to Sleep Better

This page includes loads of ideas, resources, and products on how to achieve your best sleep. Learn the best way to sleep int his post.

Learn how to sleep better - research & resources to optimize your REM and deep sleep.

Best Way to Sleep

Why Is Sleep So Important?

We sleep 25+ years of our life. And, you know what? The phrase “sleep when you’re dead” is a load of boloni. Sleeping is what enables you to experience life to it’s fullest.

I wrote all about sleep in this article – 25+ Sleep Tips from an Expert if you would like a lot of detail into sleep stages and so on. But, briefly, sleep is paramount to living a healthy life across the board. In other words, if I had to pick two things on which to focus when it comes to living a healthier life, I would choose hydration and sleep.

Optimizing sleep is not easy, however. There isn’t a one size fits all solution.

How to Get Better Sleep

First, you have to get educated on sleep and YOUR sleep. I suggest reading Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep and checking out the phenomenal resources at the National Sleep Foundation website. You will learn about the impact of sleep (or lack of sleep) on the body and brain function, sleep stages, the importance of deep sleep, and how to discover your unique sleep rhythm.

Understanding how you sleep is the most important step you can take. There are many sleep monitors available to assist in gathering knowledge about your sleep patterns.

I personally use the Oura Ring. It tells me heart rate, % and minutes in various sleep stages, body temperature, and overall readiness. That is my choice but there are other great sleep monitor products that will give you the data you need.

What is Earthing?

I discovered Earthing thanks to Ben Greenfield’s interview with Clint Ober, a pioneer in the field of grounding. I highly recommend watching the Earthing Movie for a wonderful overview of the benefits and results stemming from grounding. My kids watched this movie with me and it really hit home. Mr. Ober tells his story of discovering the positive effects of connecting to the earth. Earthing is one of the best ways to sleep.

There are significant benefits from simply standing barefoot on the ground. Earthing has the potential to reduce inflammation, stress, and pain by sustained contact with the Earth’s natural electric energy on its surface. Think about the earth as a battery with loads of electrons on the surface. These electrons are the foundation of good health. Unfortunately, humans have become disconnected from the earth and the loss of connection results in a deficiency.

So, how do we become more connected to the earth? There are two approaches to grounding – outdoors and indoors. Outdoors is easy. The most simple way is to walk outside barefoot, or even roll around on the ground if you so desire. Indoors is a bit more complex but there are several earthing products for the home and office to get grounded. Not all grounding products are made the same. So, if you buy outside a reputable company such as Ultimate Longevity, please do your homework!

My Favorite Grounding Products

  • Sleep Mat – completely changed (for the better) my husband’s deep sleep
  • Pillowcase (my latest purchase!)
  • Throw Blanket – this blanket is my go-to, super comfortable
  • Patch Kit – my husband uses the patch kit on a wrist injury
  • Universal Mat – I have one of these mats in my office under my desk.

What about Room & Body Temperature?

Room & body temperatures impact sleep. I know, it is easy to feel as though a nice & cozy warm room will help you sleep better. That is not the case. These days our bodies experience artificial temperatures with heated cars, mattresses and bedding with materials that create warmth, temperature-regulated homes, and so on. The optimal room temperature is between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit. I opt for the cooler end.

Two products that I use in our bed for Temperature Control are the Chillow Pillow Cooling Pad and the Chili Pad. The Chillow is amazing. You slip the pad into your pillowcase, it is inexpensive and easy to bring along on trips. The Chili Pad is more of an investment but is worth every penny.

The best way to sleep is naked with only wool socks and mittens. Now, I know this approach is not for everyone, but you understand the concept.

What is Blue Light? How Light Impacts Sleep

The best way to sleep? Avoid screens and blue light in the evening. Not all colors emit the same energy based on their wavelengths. Blue light is a color found in the visible light spectrum with a short wavelength. The shorter wavelength produces higher amounts of energy, which is good for day time when you need to react quickly, pay attention, and function even and balanced.

Quite simply, blue light sends a message to the brain telling it to “wake up”. For this reason, blue light negatively impacts sleep and can lead to negative health consequences, especially with the onslaught of screens, such as several types of cancers.

My Favorite Blue Light Products

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