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6 Reasons Why You Look Older

Your skin is the first organ to show signs of aging. This may or may not be fact but your skin is the most obvious reflection of age. Many things impact healthy skin such as hydration and toxins. This article covers 6 reasons why you look older.

Of course, dealing with saggy skin and wrinkles is no fun for anyone. This is why you need to establish a skincare routine even while you’re still young. With that said, there are loads of things you should (and should not) do to age more slowly.

Biological Age Versus Chronological Age?

The definition of chronological age is straightforward. It translates into the actual number of years/months/days since a person’s birth. Your chronological age stays the same regardless of your lifestyle.

Your biological age is different, however. According to Very Well Health, “Biological age, also referred to as physiological age, takes many lifestyle factors into consideration, including diet, exercise and sleeping habits, to name a few.”

How do you determine your biological age?

Two big terms: Telomeres and DNA methylation both play a part in the body’s aging. Telomeres are the nucleotides on the ends of chromosomes. These nucleotides work to keep the ends of chromosomes from deteriorating.

If deterioration occurs, the chance that the chromosome will fuse with a nearby chromosome is quite high. Telomeres drive how quickly cells die. Finally, the shorter your telomeres, the older your biological age and the higher the risk of disease or a neurological disorder occurring in the body.

DNA methylation also determines the biological age. Cells use DNA methylation to control gene expression and decides when to turn a gene off. The topic of biomarkers is a big one that I will report on in another article. For now, just know that these telomeres and DNA methylation are only two of many biomarkers that help determine biological age.

That was a bit of a tangent but I think an important foundation to lay before moving on with “looking older”. Looking older with graying hair and wrinkles are not biomarkers. Keep that in mind as you read through this article.

6 Reasons Why You Look Older

#1 – Drinking Alcohol and Eating Processed Foods 

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 2 decades, you probably know that too many margaritas and Pringles aren’t good for your skin. Excess sugar, dairy, and alcohol are some of the major culprits why you look older than your age.

Although you are busy, take time to prepare meals using fresh ingredients. Stop stacking up on those “healthy” processed foods that promise you protein and other nutrients because it’s most likely packed with tons of sugar.

#2 – Overdoing Your Skincare 

Wait, what? Skincare is great for your skin, but overdoing it can cause problems such as irritation. If you load up on too many serums, moisturizers, oils, devices, peels, and switch products every week, your skin won’t be absorbing the active ingredients it needs. Therefore, the effects of these skincare products won’t work their magic and they will be a waste of money.

Stop layering on products that are not meant for your skin type, and avoid using ones that cause a reaction. For example, you are not allowed to apply Retinol or Vitamin A with Vitamin C since it can make you ultra-sensitive.

#3 – Smoking

This one is so obvious, I almost didn’t include it. If you smoke, you will prevent your skin from looking healthy inside and out. Smoking breaks down your body’s collagen and causes lines around your mouth.

If you’re thinking that smoking is the only thing you should avoid, you’re wrong. It is better to put down your vape and Juul as well. Even though these options less harmful than cigarettes, they can dry your skin out.

#4 – Lack of Consistency

There are days when you feel energized to do a 10-step skincare routine, and there are nights when all you want to do is jump straight into your bed.

If you want your skin to look young, do your skincare routine no matter how tired you are. It does not have to be complicated. You can just go with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. If you’re going out in the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen.

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#5 – Lack of Sleep

When you lack sleep, issues such as dermatitis, premature aging, and lost collagen production can develop. Lack of sleep also affects your mood and makes you appear stressed.  When you give yourself time to sleep and recharge, you’ll feel better and boost your immunity at the same time.

#6 – Skipping Exfoliators

Even if you wash regularly, it won’t remove all the dead skin cells from your face. This problem is why you should always exfoliate. Even if you have sensitive skin, doing this important skincare step once a week will make a difference. Exfoliating does wonders to eradicate uneven texture, brighten the skin, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

However, scrubbing your skin or loading it up with too many chemical exfoliants will be harmful. This can lead to breakouts and inflammation. You will know if you’ve gone overboard if your skin turns to a slightly transparent appearance that resembles a shiny marble.

Experiment to Retain Your Youth 

Getting older is something you cannot avoid, but you don’t have to look older. The only way to keep your skin glowing as you age is to experiment. Don’t be afraid to take chances when it comes to skincare. This way, you’ll know what works best for your skin. So, take care of your body, get outside, stay hydrated, and move!

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