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25 Awesome Simple Home Hacks You Can Implement Now

I like to declutter to make life more simple, or at least help me focus on what I need to focus on, but I am a huge fan of simple home hacks!  I wrote about my 25 favorite home hacks.Pinterest Home Hacks Pinterest

25 Simple Home Hacks

  1. Wunderlist – Yes, another app but, trust me, this app is going to change your life.
  2. Copy the front & back of your credit cards. That way when you lose your wallet, it’ll be easy. You’ll have all the information you need.
  3. Put $25 somewhere in your card. You’ll be happy you did on that day when you leave your wallet at home.
  4. Cut spare keys to everything.
  5. Put a label on anything you care truly care about not to lose. The label can read “Return for Reward” with your phone number on it. Use sticker labels, or labels from Minted or Mabel’s Labels.
  6. Don’t rely on technology alone, especially when traveling. In other words, take a map, or at least try to know where you’re headed
  7. Use a frame with glass as your DIY “whiteboard”. It is a whole lot prettier with that dry erase marker.
  8. When traveling with toiletries, place plastic wrap over the opening, then secure the cap with an elastic for extra hold
  9. Clip a name card onto a pants hanger, then hang onto your car mirror in your child’s pick up line
  10. Bake bacon instead of frying it up. Seriously so much easier. 400 degrees. Watch the timer.
  11. Does your washing machine smell? Try using powder instead of liquid. Also, add a few drops of essential oil like this blend (e.g. lemon, lime, pine, tea tree, fir, and citronella are good ones)  to keep things fresh.
  12. Bar Keepers Friend is your new BFF. Here is a use guide for your reference.
  13. Use painters or duct tape to pick up all that glitter
  14. Use Eucalyptus oil to remove stickers from the window or the wall
  15. Wash Legos in a mess laundry bag (you do wash them, right?)
  16. Peel hard-boiled eggs in warm water
  17. Keep 4.5 liter-sized trash bags in your glove compartment for car trash
  18. Tie a somewhat obnoxious ribbon on your luggage for easy identification
  19. Put dryer sheets in your clothes drawer for optimal freshness
  20. Waterproof shoes with beeswax
  21. Buy baking soda in bulk. Seriously amazing cleaner. Check out all these ideas!
  22. Vinegar is also a great cleaner (especially for windows!). Mix with essential oil to cut the smell.
  23. Try apple cider vinegar and honey tea in the morning. Great natural cleanser to start your day off right. I use Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.
  24. Use crushed up eggshells in the garden to fend off slugs
  25. Use kitty litter in old paint cans to soak up the paint before disposing

I hope you enjoyed this list! What are your favorite Home Hacks? Don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly eNewsletter!


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