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9 Benefits of Implementing a Daily Meditation Routine

In such a fast-paced society, it’s easy to forget how important it is to take care of your mental health. You know that you need to eat healthily, sleep well and exercise regularly, but taking care of your physical body is not enough. Adding a daily meditation routine to address your mental health will improve all facets of your overall well-being. 

I started meditating a few years ago as the stress of parenting kicked in. With that said, there is a small window for self-care in my days. So, I implemented a meditation routine that is more real-time.

For example, if I am stopped at a light in my car or when I am brushing my teeth. Lots of the literature written on meditation techniques for kids can be easily applied to adults, too. Simply working to be more present of your breath and your thoughts is a huge step forward.

The Benefits of Meditation

#1 – Relaxation

Being still, while focusing on your breath and feelings within your body, gives you something to focus on that is beyond your control. When you let go and hear the sounds of your own heart beating, you can relax both your mind and body.

#2 – Improved Sleep

Although meditation newbies might find the art of letting go challenging at first, with continued effort, you will eventually surrender your thoughts more quickly. By gifting yourself this allotted time each day, you will develop tools to rest your mind, creating a perfect mental state to drift off to sleep.

#3 – Lower Heart Rate

One benefit that goes beyond mental well-being alone is a slower heart rate and longer, deeper breathing. This results in both increased oxygen and a fully engaged parasympathetic nervous system.

#4 – Internal Connection

Meditation gives you the otherwise rare opportunity to tune out the external and instead connect with the internal. When you let go of your to-do lists and anxieties, you can begin to listen to the needs of your body.

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#5 – Calm Mental State

Although there are several ways to connect internally, one practical technique is to focus on a specific part of your body, noticing what it feels like, such as the tip of your nose or your big toe.

Sending your focus internally allows you to relax all of that mental chatter that follows you around throughout the day.

#6 – Self Appreciation

Tuning into your mental self is a very important aspect of meditation. When you find yourself perpetually busy in everyday tasks, it is sometimes easy to forget how amazing you really are! Meditation allows you to come back to your true essence and appreciate the real you.

#7 – Enlightenment

Meditation helps you realize that you are a part of something much greater. As you release control of your thoughts, you let go of the ego, allowing your heart to be receptive to things beyond your mental scope. 

#8 – Mental Clarity

When you free yourself from stressors or uncomfortable thoughts or situations, it is amazing what can come to you after you spend some time in meditation. By providing your mind and body with some necessary distance, previously difficult decisions or choices seem less daunting.

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#9 – Mindful Reactions

Meditation may not change your life overnight, but one of the greatest benefits is the difference you will notice in your reaction to life’s daily struggles and disappointments.

By providing yourself with some much-deserved time to rest and reflect, you will notice less reactionary responses and instead, more mindful interactions.

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