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Tips to Starting Your Day Perfectly

After at least 8 hours of sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed most days. I know 8 hours sounds like a lot and it is by most standards. However, if I can do it with 3 young sons, you can do it. I go to bed between 8 and 9 pm and I rise early in the morning. I wake up typically to morning snuggles with one of my sons and always take care of my body as soon as possible by brushing my teeth, flossing, and washing my face. After those five minutes, I have a typical morning routine that allows me to own my day.

Morning Routine Tips to Own Your Day

No Screens

This one is obvious, I know, but I had to include it. Furthermore, I don’t mean only televisions and computers. In other words, smartphones and any blue light electronics are simply bad for your sleep and health in general.

Fresh Air

We have a dog and one of the biggest benefits of good old Buddy is that he needs to run first thing in the morning. So, I bundle up (in the cooler months) and we head out in the early dawn.

Why is fresh air so important?

Believe it or not, there is science to back up my feelings about the impact of fresh air on the human body. For me, I become more alert, focuses, and happy. Science tells us the fresh air aids in digestion, improves blood pressure & the heart rate and strengthens the immune system.


Exercise is beneficial and preferably in the morning. Whether you have a morning stretch routine or a few morning yoga poses, moving your body in some fashion is incredibly good for your physical and mental health. Lucky for me, as I mentioned above, my dog gets me out of the house first thing. Otherwise, I try to exercise in the morning hours. I find this helps me focus and keeps my mind balanced for the rest of the day.

Water & Salt

The first thing I do after waking up is to have a room temperature 16-ounce glass of water with a half teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt. I know warm saltwater harkens back to early childhood when you lost a tooth and your mother would make you swish the liquid in your mouth. Trust me, it is not that bad and you become quite used to it.

Why warm water?

Warm water at room temperature is absorbed by the body significantly quicker because it is already at (or below) body temperature. In other words, while cold water may be refreshing and help to cool the body down after a workout, it needs to rise to body temperature before being fully absorbed in the body.

Why Pink Himalayan Salt?

Honestly, any salt will do to help the body replace minerals lost during sleep. With that said, I choose pink Himalayan salt because I am a woman in my 40s and pink Himalayan salt contains more of the minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium that my body needs especially at this point in my life.

Bone Broth

Before coffee (I am human and this doesn’t always happen), I try to have a warm cup of bone broth, especially if I am fasting. Bone broth contains a ridiculous amount of protein per serving and contains collagen which helps to keep your system clean as a whistle. Our favorite bone broth is the Epic Brand.


I try to fast at least 5 times a week. It sounds a lot harder than it actually is, I promise. I choose an eating window that allows for fasting while I am sleeping. So, I typically eat between the hours of noon and 6 or 8 pm. In other words, I fast from 8 am to noon. That gives me 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours for eating. Learn more about intermittent fasting here.

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