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How to Feel Awesome in 20 Minutes

I am the mom of three young sons. Before I had babies, running defined me every day. I’d wake up wanting to run, going for a run. If I didn’t make that run happened, I went to bed wishing for that run.

Can you relate?

a middle aged woman using TRX

I can safely say that TRX saved my life over this past year. I know that sounds dramatic but I speak the truth on many levels. Developed and used by military and special forces, TRX is a full-body strengthening workout.

I bit the bullet, after six years. I started working with a TRX certified trainer.

Best. Money. I’ve. Spent.

{My PSA: Take care of your bodies, people!}

Have you heard of this amazing fitness routine?

Using TRX straps for exercise

Benefits of TRX

Range of levels. You can adjust and fine-tune any of the exercises to fit your level of fitness.

Portability. I carry my TRX with me when travel. The set weighs a few pounds and can easily fit in a travel bag. The anchor allows for easy outdoor and indoor use.

Core. Core. and more Core. I love the full range of motion offered by the training. You don’t work a single part of your body too much. The focus is on a range of motion and full body.

Time. You can get a rock-solid workout in 30 minutes. I often do a ten-minute core workout and feel completely satisfied.  Maximum results in minimum time.

Functional Movements. Trains you for a variety of sports and activities.

Dynamic Training. Your body is always moving in a fluid motion.

Versatility. You can get at a variety of areas of your body with TRX Suspension Straps.

At Home. Perfect for me, the busy mama.

My At Home Fitness Resources

Even if I have 20 minutes to myself to get a workout into my day, I am more complete. My mood is lifted and my body feels refreshed. Do yourself a favor and commit to a routine. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long workout, start small. I started with ten minutes and felt the change in my life. You will too.


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